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2018/19 SEASON


The committee should be the first port of call for any player with an issue/concern regarding county in general whether it be something on or off the table (with the Chairman the exception).

The committee is made up of the various team captains as well as chairman and county manager. We will also be electing vice-captains and player/regional representatives during the season. If that is something that interests you, please mention it to you your respective captain.

• Dave Spencer - Venue Owner/ Chairman
• Andy Rutland – County Manager / Farnworth Area Rep
• Sam Rogers – A Team Captain
• Lee Pyatt – B Team Captain
• Andrew Danks – B Team Vice-Captain
• Daniel Hunt – C Team Captain / Atherton area rep
• Sharif Ghoorahoo – Stockport area rep


Given our unprecedented influx of players for the upcoming season, we have put in place a retention policy for players which will come into force at the conclusion of the current season.

All players that meet the qualifying criteria below will be awarded with being retained by the county in the team they play in for the next season. This will not stop players being promoted for the next season, it just means you do not have to re-trial for the 2019/20 season.

For those that don’t hit the automatic retention benchmark, there will be the opportunity to re-trial at the next available trial day. Qualifying through this route does not guarantee a place in the team you may have played for in the previous season.

Additionally, based on qualifying figures, captains will have a number of wildcard picks for the next season, which will be used solely for players that haven’t met the win percentage but have met the attendance criteria (Exception being for agreed absence).

The first requirement for players to be retained by the county is an attendance of no less than 50% for the season. This means players must attend (not necessarily play) in five of the county’s ten games for that season. If a team plays less than 10 games, the number of games will be reduced accordingly.

The second requirement is win percentage:

• For the ‘A’ team the mark is greater than or equal to 45% of frames won for the season.
• For the ‘B’ team, the mark is greater than or equal to 55% of frames won for the season.
• For the ‘C’ team, the mark is greater than or equal to 65% of frames won for the season.

Upon the conclusion of the season, statistics will be collated and presented for all players to see where they ranked and what their current status regarding trials will be. Please note, where necessary, committee discretion will apply to retained players.

If one or more teams qualify for National Finals, the county are required to fulfil the place by the national committee. With that in mind, if players are selected to represent the county at Selsey, any failure to do so, without acceptable reason would result in a player losing their place in the county side for the following season.


Players that don’t hit the benchmark percentage for the season will be automatically invited to retrial, alongside any new players for the next season. Those who don’t qualify through the trial will be invited to represent an inter-league team, which will act as a retainer for the county set up. Based on performances during the inter-league season, you may be picked to represent a county side or in turn invited at the end of that current season.


In order to fulfil fixtures away from home, some travelling will be required and in most/all cases that means teams splitting amongst cars. Drivers will be agreed upon before an away game and spaces allocated as accurately as possible. For the longer journeys it could be expected for the drivers to have their travel costs subsidised to some extent. We ask that this is done on a car by car basis, and if you a passenger please support the driver as they see fit.


Heading into the 2018/19 season we are implementing some mandatory monthly subs of £3 per game. This will be applicable whether you are able to attend the game or not. These can be paid on a game to game basis or upfront if preferred. The £3 figure is not a lot and, in most cases, less than the price of a pint, but will go a long way to help the running of the county team and will contribute towards the cost of National Finals should one or more teams qualify at the end of the season. Subs can be paid by PayPal to please use the ‘friends and family’ option so as not to incur charges and leave name and relevant fixture as reference. Alternatively, you can pay your respective captain on the day.


The current format for Men’s (A, B & C) matches is best of 36 frames split into four sets of nine frames. Players can play once per set so there is a maximum of four frames on the day for the standard men’s matches. In the Seniors the matches are best of 28 frames (four sets of seven). So a player eligible for the Seniors could play up to eight frames on the day.

Dress code is very strict at County and is as follows:

• County Polo Shirt (Or block coloured polo instead)
• Black trousers (no jeans)
• Black shoes (no trainers)

Any questions regarding dress code should be brought up you’re your respective captain.


The aim this season as it is every season is to reach national finals, held annually in March down in Selsey. Dates for this season’s finals will be released in due course and the committee will make a judgement around September/October time as to our realistic chances of qualifying for the various sections.

Should it be decided that one or more teams are well-placed to reach Nationals, we will start gauging availability for the following March, as well as taking preliminary deposits to go towards accommodation etc. By breaking up the price into instalments it will ensure we do not encounter a situation whereby we cannot fulfil our place at nationals.

If after taking deposits, the teams fail to qualify, all monies paid can either be returned or retained for the following season at the player’s discretion. Any questions/queries should be raised with your captain.


SWINTON POOLHALL – Our home venue and primary sponsor.

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